Databases and analysis

International Database public release notes and Student & School databases

  • International Database public release notes
  • Student database
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Technical documents for the analysis of results

  • Item Analysis Report This report describes the outcomes of applying Item Response Theory (IRT) scaling methodology to the item analysis of MILO assessment data.
  • Standard Setting Technical Report This report provides a description of the MILO standard setting process and results. It was implemented in order to support the first overarching MILO goal – to measure and report on any differences in learning outcomes in reading and maths in 2021 compared to prior to the pandemic.
  • Summary of Scale Score Distribution The summary distribution—mean and variance—of the reading and mathematics Item Response Theory (IRT) scale scores in the MILO project.
  • Technical Report on Weighting and Sample Outcomes A description of the methodology and processes for calculating weights and generating replicates for the purposes of variance estimation for COVID-19 MILO.

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