Minimum Proficiency Levels (MPL)

The Minimum Proficiency Level (MPL) is the benchmark of basic knowledge in a domain (mathematics and reading) measured through learning assessments.

The MPLs for reading and mathematics used to report on indicator 4.1.1 describe the basic knowledge and skills students must be able to demonstrate for specific grade levels. These benchmarks are based on an analysis of curriculum and assessment programs from around the world.


Below document provides the initiatives to establish Minimum Proficiency Levels (MPLs) for reading and mathematics, for global use in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goal in Education, SDG 4.1. It was revised in 2019, 2022 and 2023. The details are below:

Eligilibility criteria to report indicator 4.1.1

This paper proposes five criteria to determine if the assessment is sufficiently valid for reporting against SDG 4.1.1. These criteria were selected to ensure consideration of the quality of the assessment instrument and its implementation. For each criterion, there are essential minimum requirements for an assessment to be considered suitable for SDG reporting.

SDG 4.1.1