Survey Administration Tools

National Project Manager Manual

  • The Manual provides a brief overview of COVID-19: Monitoring Impacts on Learning Outcomes (MILO), the management structure, your role as a National Project Manager (NPM), and other key information that is important for a successful implementation of MILO study.


The COVID-19 MILO Sampling Framework is designed to provide a template for the design and conduct of the survey. It aims to meet the objectives of obtaining accurate estimates of learning outcomes for students who are in the grade corresponding to the final year of primary school (in line with SDG indicator 4.1.1(b).

This framework sets out the standards of participation with respect to sampling, which are aimed at maximising the comparability of survey outcomes across countries before and after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. An account of each country’s participation measured against these standards will be a component of survey reporting. The framework outlines the key roles and responsibilities with respect to sampling and survey design for the NC (National Centre), ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) and the UIS (UNESCO Institute for Statistics).

The guide is designed to support National Project Managers (NPMs) through the process of aligning their national target population definition to the sampling framework, considering the sample design best suited to their country, and preparing the national sampling frames. For further details on roles and responsibilities please refer the COVID-19 MILO Sampling Framework.

Technical standards

  • The Technical Standards specifies the set of standards to guide the data collection and data management (DM) activities related to assessing the impact of COVID-19 on learning outcomes. These standards will enable the creation of a high-quality dataset that allows valid inferences to be made.